Countdown to a camper van adventure

On Monday 7th February at 6.30pm my TV show, One Man and His Campervan hits BBC2. It's going to be a wierd and wonderful night. It will be the first time that I've appeared in anything like this (apart from being a little blue man in an Erasure video back in 1991) so I haven't a clue what to expect. Will anyone watch? Will anyone like it? Will anyone even notice it was on? I hope so.
I also have higher hopes for the TV series: that anyone who watches it will be inspired to fire up the old van/car/bus/bicycle and take a look at Great Britain for themselves. I always knew that there was more to it than just a few great surfing beaches. It's a very cool place. With very cool people. And a lot of very delicious food. You don't even have to be a Michelin starred genius to enjoy it. All you have to do is want something more than beans on toast.

Ambitious? Maybe but not really. Although it can sometimes take a little effort to get off the sofa, go to new places and eat new food it's always worth it. It's not that hard to cook something fresh and delicious in a camper van.

So why not? Set your digital thingumybox for 7th February at 6.30 and take a trip with me on my food-foraging, campfire-cooking, two-ringed, four-wheeled adventure.

It's Devon first for a spot of fishing, then the New Forest to seek out a forager's supper. After that I get muddy in Norfolk in the search for samphire and head for Yorkshire to eat a very strange bird's egg. After driving to a Northumberland island to catch a snappy chappy I head north to Angus to scoff the best tasting fish I've ever eaten. Then it's a short hop to the Trossachs for some huntin' and fishin' and a wet few days in the Lakes. Never mind! I'm on a bilberry hunt. Next I cheat at polishing in preparation for the Show and Shine at Wales' friendliest VW show. Finally it's on to Pembrokeshire for a foraging outing and an unexpected end to the adventure.

But of course it doesn't end there, because it'll be your turn next. And that's the point. Anyone can do it.


  1. I may have to go totally against the grain and get the tv sorted out, we havent watched tv since going full timing Aug 2010. To much to do, such as enjoying life, cooking, laughing and taking in all that nature has to offer!

    Will it be coming out as a DVD?


  2. Despite currently living in a VW campervan, I actually still want to watch! Unfortunately, there's no BBC in Ecuador!

  3. Oddly - the BBC website at first refuses to admit your existence (except "to be TX Autumn 2010") then implies the first programme is on Tuesday 8th Feb at 6.30 pm!
    "In this episode Martin travels to the New Forest."
    From trawling the Freesat programe guide I reckon your prog is on every weekday at 6.30 pm from Mon 7th onwards??

  4. Very pleased to have found your blog via Twitter. I'm literally at the beginning of a journey into living in a camper. One of my concerns was eating properly and diet. Your program sounds like a good place for me to start!

    I've got it set to record via Series Link on Sky. Looking forward to the first episode.

  5. Loved One man and his Campervan last night. Recorded it and my 21 month old spend the whole morning pointing at VW giggling. Was a good episode and looking forward to the next!

  6. I enjoyed the first 2 episodes very much, looking forward to the rest :) i best get the cooker back in my bay and try it for myself

  7. AS a favour to anyone who know the wild places and loves them, please stick the facts when making your TV programmes. Keep on repeating Myths and common City-folk fears, will do you no good, and make people who know what they are talking about want to shout at the Television. If you don’t have time or knowledge to fully explain things like the risk from Adders or the toxicity of Laetiporus sulphurous, please don’t include them so dismissively in your jolly around England.

  8. Great show, really enjoyed it! I live in an RV, here in the states but the idea's the same, just more room, and less gas mileage! Oh yeah keep the solar bag off the ground, it (the ground) will just suck the heat out of the bag! Happy Travels, from the middle of the USA!

  9. What a great series; I've been recording and viewing it, though sadly missed the very first episode.

    I find the show cheerful and diverting. Why not do one taking in Northern Ireland and Scotland!


  10. Loving the series Martin! My mum had almost exactly the same van when I was mid 20s. Hers had a Westfalia conversion. We went everywhere in 'Gumsy', even to Copenhagen and back.
    I am inspired to cook more creatively too. :¬)

  11. Excellent series! We've really enjoyed watching it so far and can't wait to get out in our T25 and do some exploring once we get it taxed for the summer. We would have loved to go to dubs at the castle in Caldicot too where I see you're going tomorrow but can't make it this time!! Keep up the good work... I hope BBC give you a 2nd series.

  12. Hello Martin

    I just wanted to say how much I and my family enjoyed the series.

    It has been a real family event for us (my wife Lori – son Jude and daughter Georgia )

    Its certainly whetted our appetite for the 2011 camper season.

    We usually revisit Polzeath /Rock/ Padstow (Padstien) – the “usual” places but we are now inspired to wander further afield by the programme.

    We enjoy the book too…. We even cook the recipes indoors !

    Thanks again….. – its been a lovely 2 weeks of evening viewing that we can all watch as a family – I do hope you are commissioned to do more of the same – Europe ?


    Matt –

    (from Brighton)

  13. My husband and I have watched every episode, its certainly inspired me to make more effort when camping (as a family). I really liked you as a presenter so I hope this series is the first of many TV appearances!

  14. I watched the last show on iplayer. I found it very interesting how you made the cordial. A shame the van's clutch burnt out. I tend to find cooking programs really boring, but this was very interesting. I hope you get another series.

  15. The show is great - thoroughly enjoying it. Was delighted to see Usk Farmers Market this week - have just returned from a trip there today on my bike! I'm planning on buying my long awaited first ever camper van this autumn and I'm so inspired by your book and your programme - thanks!

  16. What a great show. My camper arrives next week, in the middle of half term, so no excuse fora short adventure! Hope to see a second series soon!

  17. Just got back from a weekend camping at Dubfreeze in my T25 and I enjoyed reading your book for inspirational ideas. Have you thought about a series touring France in your van?

    Cheers Mark

  18. loved the series, hopefully a second offering is not too far away...

  19. Great show, Martin! really enjoyed it, and liked how you included your little travails along the way. Here's hoping you get the opportunity to do another series.

  20. Hi Martin,

    We enjoyed your series very much and I found I was organising supper around your programme so we didn't miss it! I am, (or thought I was), anti-camping - too many holidays as a kid sleeping in a damp sleeping bag under musty canvas. However, I have surprised the whole family by announcing that I would quite like to have family breaks in a camper van to explore more of France. My husband didn't need to be told twice, he's already looking to find one before I change my mind. Thank you for converting me! I do hope you shoot a second series.

  21. Keep up the good work Martin, I have a feeling we're going to see alot more of you on TV.

  22. Hello, just wanted to say that I've enjoyed the series very much, reminds me of summer holidays!

  23. Ha ha , I knew it woudn't belong before we saw you on TV again..Harry Hills TV Burp...classic.

  24. Don't forget to post on your blog Martin...Whats happening???

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