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Coming soon.... the whole adventure on DVD. WIN a copy.

If I had a penny for every time I get asked when 'One Man and his Campervan' is coming out on DVD I'd have about thirty pee by now. I know. It seems that, for some reason, my TV show, which first aired on BBC2 in February 2011, has proved quite popular among campers, dreamers, outdoor lovers and VW fans and drivers. I get lots of tweets and emails from all over the world to say how much they enjoyed it. It's such a nice thing to happen. So thank you everyone. Now I'm not saying it's cult viewing or anything like that, rather that I appreciate the fact that so many people enjoyed it and want to see it again. Lots of people recently discovered it for the first time on Quest too. The only thing about that was that they had to cut a lot out to fit in the adverts, which meant that some classic moments were missed. My friend Justin, who had all the best lines in the first show, lost his moment to the cutting room floor, as did Steve Bell, from Cookin' Camper