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Take 2 minutes. Make a big difference.

Here I go again, spouting off about the state of the ocean. Well, yes. But this time I want to propose something really positive. A solution. So here it is. Recently I’ve started doing mini beach cleans every time I go to the beach. I call them my #2minutebeachcleans and all I do is spend 2 minutes picking up a few bits of litter and disposing of them. It takes 2 minutes, which is actually longer than it takes me to  me to take a picture and post it to instagram @martindorey and twitter @campervanliving . Considering the scale of the problem this really is a pathetic, meaningless gesture, isn’t it? With every tide comes more plastic that’s been dumped, lost or washed into the sea so my two minutes really makes no difference at all. Or does it?

Socks for Christmas? Yes please!

Let’s talk about socks. Yes, let’s. It’s coming around to that time of the year when our feet need a little extra care and attention. They don’t like being out so much anymore and need to be looked after a little more than they did during the sock-free days of the summer that’s just passed. So I thought I’d share with you my sock philosophy. I like good socks. Good socks make me happy. This is because I have lived with poor socks. I have bought many, discarded many and been thoroughly fed up with many because they got holed or fell apart or just weren’t up to the job of keeping my poor little tootsies out of temperature-related trouble. I have regretted buying cheap socks many times, especially on camping and surfing trips and when I used to work in the film industry and spent days on end standing about on location. Getting cold feet is a very unpleasant experience, and once chilled, the pinkies take ages to warm up again. As I said, I’ve been there.  A few years