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The perfect Camper Van Weekend. Right here. This summer.

I have been thinking about perfect weekends. I've been trying to think about what would make up the perfect mini camper van break. My first book 'The Camper Van Cookbook' was set out like a weekend, with recipes and ideas for cooking and camping from Friday to Monday morning. It all seems rather perfect. But anyone who knows camper vans and camping knows that it hardly ever turns out like that. But what if it could? What if you could organise a weekend with wild camping, foraging, surfing, fishing and singing songs around the camp fire as part of the deal? What if you could just turn up and join in the fun? What if you could have all the good stuff without having to go searching or doing loads of research? I've done just that. I know it's not easy to find perfect pitches if you don't know an area well. I know that it's hard to forage if you are unsure of what you're looking for. And I know that it's very difficult to find a wild camping spot