The perfect Camper Van Weekend. Right here. This summer.

I have been thinking about perfect weekends. I've been trying to think about what would make up the perfect mini camper van break. My first book 'The Camper Van Cookbook' was set out like a weekend, with recipes and ideas for cooking and camping from Friday to Monday morning. It all seems rather perfect. But anyone who knows camper vans and camping knows that it hardly ever turns out like that.

But what if it could? What if you could organise a weekend with wild camping, foraging, surfing, fishing and singing songs around the camp fire as part of the deal? What if you could just turn up and join in the fun? What if you could have all the good stuff without having to go searching or doing loads of research?

I've done just that. I know it's not easy to find perfect pitches if you don't know an area well. I know that it's hard to forage if you are unsure of what you're looking for. And I know that it's very difficult to find a wild camping spot where you can wake up overlooking the Atlantic unless you have someone to show you the way. So I have organised a series of Campervan Weekends in North Devon this summer. Numbers will be limited and they will take place between May and July. I've organised activities and will be cooking a few recipes from my books (as well as showing you a few good outdoor cooking techniques) so you won't have to lift a finger if you don't want to (although mucking in will never be frowned upon). A survivalist friend will be leading foraging walks and showing you what to eat in the great outdoors. We might make supper out of it - if we don't catch any fish. We might even do some adventurous stuff too. I will make a seaside seaweed spa with seaweed fresh off the beach for those who dare and some of my (fully qualified) surf coach friends will show you how to ride the waves. And it's all included.

Everything is set.

Anyone is welcome so if you don't have a camper van don't worry. My friends at O'Connors Campers are offering 15% off camper hire for people joining me on the weekends. They are also taking all the bookings, so get in touch with them for prices and rates on 01837 659 599 even if you already have your own transport.

Alternatively, take a look at more details on my website here.

See you there.


  1. Brill Idea I know what you wanted that tin bath for...:-)

  2. Hello Martin, really enjoyed your campervan show on the beeb, as you obviously have a great fondness for the old dubs i thought i would like to let you know about our vw clubs show this year, Scrumpy Dubbers VW Club, we are based in south Somerset and our show is on the 19-21st of April, was our first show last year and was a sellout. This is just a personal invite and i see you have a new show coming up soon but if you are at a loose end in April come on down. If you need more info check out our website ( ) or contact me on Facebook, im Darren Bob Ball on there. Either way cant wait for the new show, til then i'll watch you on Quest! Cheers chief. Bob

    1. Thanks Bob. Will do. Not sure where I'll be but will keep it in mind.

  3. Would love this - but still only aspiring to a campervan, and rental is too expensive - self-defeating. Sounds fun- enjoy! x

  4. Your holiday looks simply fabulous, what lucky girls you are. Ma is in love with your lilac camper van!
    Campervan Hire Australia

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  6. It is nice to see people discovering new worlds, and even nicer to see them sharing that experience through a blog post. I see you mentioned renting a van, so just wanted to warn you always to check if the van has insurance, there are a lot of frauds these day. I am telling this because I work for an car insurance company in Tiverton RI and we have had a lot of these cases.


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