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What do you call yours? #mycampervaniscalled LOVE!

A few weeks ago I (with the help of my friends at the Caravan and Motorhome Club) asked the good people of Twitter and Instagram to tell me what they call their camper vans. Here are the results! There are so many great names - and so many different names - and it proves to me that you lot really are a funny, creative, soulful and joyful bunch. Thank you! I will announce the winner in the next day or so. But please do comment and share. One thing that’s clear in all this is that camper owners LOVE their vans. Whether it’s the number plate that spells Rosbif (handy for breaking the ice on French campsites) or a name that tells you a little about shocking MPG (Juicy Lucy), it seems that every camper needs a name that has a story, a name that tells you how it rolls, a name that celebrate its quirks and foibles or a name that tells you how it feels to drive. If you don't want to read the full list here's the top line... Of the 200 owners who told me their van’s nam