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A great day out picking mussels - full length version

This video is one of the pieces of work I am most proud of. It is the long version of the film that got me the gig at the BBC and it was the first time I had been in front of the camera either talking or cooking. I spent a day with Chris Harris in North Cornwall doing what I love doing most - walking on the beach, driving my van and eating nice grub. As it turned out I think the film shows it off pretty well. It's a nice life. Sadly the van has now gone, but its spirit lives on. That jumper is just about dead too. Music by my friends The Adventure Babies. You can download the track here:

Swimming For The Sea Pool!

Now, you may or may not know that my family and I recently moved to Bude in Cornwall. It's a great town with lots going for it, including an amazing tidal swimming pool. We use it a few times a week and I have recently become a sponsor of the Friends of Bude Sea Pool. This is because it has been under threat since the local council withdrew their funding of it. We love the pool and see it as a vital part of Bude and its tourism-based economy. So I am pleased to be able to post a note for some very dedicated swimmers who are doing a big swim to help save it. "Next weekend, Rob and Victoria will take part in the Great North Swim, the largest open water swimming event in the UK.  Robert is tackling two miles of Lake Windermere and Victoria will be swimming one mile, both of them in chilly and challenging conditions. And they’re taking on this substantial swim for an excellent cause – the historic tidal swimming pool at Bude in North Cornwall. Rob and Victoria explain;