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Campervan camping. The secret to a perfect pitch.

Roadford Lake campsite: a great spot that's just yards from the waterside. I recently started writing up my list of favourite camp sites over on .  This is because I get asked all the time about good places to stay. I love to be able to share my fave spots, but I guess it's easier for everyone if I list them, give out all the details and explain why I like them. It's not yet complete but it may be worth a quick look if you're thinking about a nice destination to head for. Who makes the grade and why would I prefer one campsite to another? What makes a campsite camper van friendly for me? There are a number of things, but mostly it's about the location.... and the mode of transport... and everything else... Why a campervan and not a tent? When I first got into campers it was for purely practical reasons: I surfed throughout the year and didn't live near the beach so needed somewhere to sleep that wasn't expensive or impractical or

PERFECT PITCHES : New campervan-friendly campsite reviews

Hello. How are you? If you've found this blog post then you're probably thinking about food, camping and campervans. Right? Good. Then I hope that you won't mind one more click to see my latest idea, a series of reviews of the campsites I have visited over the years. Goodness knows I have been to a few. I am not one for holding back about this kind of thing so you can expect genuine reviews with a little of the practical stuff and lots of first hand experience. I will also include things to do locally (that I can recommend) surf in the area (if appropriate) and what's good to eat (if I found anything). Basically, if I love it it's in. The reason for doing this is that I get asked a lot about camp sites and spots to camp. I think a lot of people share my love for a good campsite, whatever that means to them. It's often hard to know what's going to be right for you - unless you've got an impartial review from someone you trust to go on. I like th

Make me smile. How? Answers on a postcard please.

WIN copies of The Camper Van Cookbook and The Camper Van Coast. Postcards from last year's comp... I love a postcard. And I love a good, old fashioned postcard competition. So, following last year's post card competition in which I gave away a few copies of the DVD of "One man and His Campervan", I thought I should do another one for this year. But what for prizes? Well, I have a bunch of books here that I'd be happy to put up as prizes as well as some of the original publisher's samples of my books (these are called BLADS) and some 'I can cook' aprons. So it's a little package of camper van goodies. What do you have to do to win? It's easy. Send me a postcard from your travels. That's it. I shall give prizes for those that make me smile the most. It could be cheeky, funny, inspiring, far away, VW camper related or just something that looks lovely. Or it could be a joke or a silly message or a picture you have drawn. You could