Make me smile. How? Answers on a postcard please.

WIN copies of The Camper Van Cookbook and The Camper Van Coast.

Postcards from last year's comp...
I love a postcard. And I love a good, old fashioned postcard competition. So, following last year's post card competition in which I gave away a few copies of the DVD of "One man and His Campervan", I thought I should do another one for this year.

But what for prizes? Well, I have a bunch of books here that I'd be happy to put up as prizes as well as some of the original publisher's samples of my books (these are called BLADS) and some 'I can cook' aprons. So it's a little package of camper van goodies.

What do you have to do to win?

It's easy. Send me a postcard from your travels. That's it. I shall give prizes for those that make me smile the most. It could be cheeky, funny, inspiring, far away, VW camper related or just something that looks lovely. Or it could be a joke or a silly message or a picture you have drawn. You could even send me one to say you've just done a #2minutebeachclean. That would be smashing! Just make me smile. That's all I ask.

I shall choose the winners at the end of August so you've got all summer.

And while you are at it!

Why not send one to your mum or your best friend or someone in your street while you are at it? It'll make them smile too. We don't send enough postcards these days.

Send your postcard to:

23 Victoria Road
EX23 8RJ

(and your mum)


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