PERFECT PITCHES : New campervan-friendly campsite reviews


How are you? If you've found this blog post then you're probably thinking about food, camping and campervans. Right? Good. Then I hope that you won't mind one more click to see my latest idea, a series of reviews of the campsites I have visited over the years. Goodness knows I have been to a few.

I am not one for holding back about this kind of thing so you can expect genuine reviews with a little of the practical stuff and lots of first hand experience. I will also include things to do locally (that I can recommend) surf in the area (if appropriate) and what's good to eat (if I found anything). Basically, if I love it it's in.

The reason for doing this is that I get asked a lot about camp sites and spots to camp. I think a lot of people share my love for a good campsite, whatever that means to them. It's often hard to know what's going to be right for you - unless you've got an impartial review from someone you trust to go on. I like them rural and quiet, with good surf on the doorstep but that's just me. I've been to a lot of brilliant sites without too.

So, you know, trust me, I'm a camper.

Anyway, it's a work in progress - and I shall be adding to the list often - so please keep checking back. It's over at

And, in case you were wondering who that is above, that's Josh, The Guyrope Gourmet at a campsite we both visited in Yorkshire. Great pitches with incredible views of Malham Cove, although I must confess that we didn't get much cooking done that weekend. There is a fantastic pub nearby. Review coming soon.



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