Thank your lucky stars and give them a hug

I love wind farms. I know a lot of people don't but I do. The reason is very simple. It's because they represent a faith in doing things in other ways. They represent smarter ways of making energy without making a big fat mess. They give me hope.

And that's why I took this picture yesterday. It's of the new turbine at Morwenstow on the Cornwall/Devon Border. It's pretty isn't it?

Now I know that lots of people object to wind turbines because they are noisy (allegedly), will make house prices plummet (really? So it's not the economic turmoil that's doing it then?), kill birds by the bucketload (have you seen how big the sky is recently? Birds aren't that stupid) and are an eyesore (compared to...?). Well, whatever. You may even be right. But there's something that everyone should consider before objecting to a wind farm. If you live in an area of unspoilt natural beauty then you should be grateful that they never found coal or diamonds or china clay underneath the place where you live. And you should think about what would happen to your NIMBY paradise if they ever discovered how to get rich on granite or mud or whatever it is your house is built on. You never had to give up your countryside for industry. You never had a slag heap collapse on your school. You never had (excuse the cliche) dark satanic mills.

But you now have the chance to do your bit and give up your wind so that the rest of us can have hope. So say yes to wind farms. Hey, when they are finished with it and have found a more efficent and cleaner soltuion, they'll even take it down. Because it's only temporary. So what do you say? Go on. Go out and give it a hug.


  1. Wind farms rock! and up here in scotland they blend right in with snow :)

  2. We have problems in Gillingham Dorset with the anti wind farm brigade, people just dont get it, its this or massive increases in fuel prices or nuclear power! Good stuff for mentioning it!

  3. I love wind turbines so much that we built our own and we live off-grid, definitely a hope in doing things a better way.
    I haven't met a vw head yet who doesn't like wind turbines...


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