Harry Hill and the Campervan Man

Firstly, apologies for neglecting this blog. I've been tweeting madly and have been getting lots of lovely feedback from everyone, but somehow I've been unable to string sentences any more than 140 chracters together. Still, it's quite astounding how well recieved One Man and his Campervan has been. It's really quite touching. I've been recognised all over the place and everyone has been so positive about the show. "Hey, you're the Campervanman." That's nice. So thanks.

As it is, the show did well. The last night, which saw the Gordy the campervan experience a little cluctch trouble, was watched by about 1.8 million people. That's amazing! So we must have been doing something right! As it is I think that camping and campervanning are subjects that touch everyone in Britain. We love our country, we love the countryside within it and we can't wait to get out there and enjoy it. You and me both.

So what's been up since the show finished? Well, Harry Hill had me on his show. That was watched by about 5 million people so I shouldn't be surprised that people say: "Hey, you're the campervan man. Love the show! Loved Harry Hill more though!" Brilliant! Magic scone anyone?

I've also been writing. After all it's how I make a living and I'm not about to give up the day job anytime soon. I've been writing the first few chapters of a new campervanning lifestyle and food book. Today I was looking at the shipping forecast and making sense of the code they use to describe - very precisely - exactly what the weather is doing. I've also been cooking. This evening Joanne and I were mucking about with a colcannon recipe for St Patrick's day.

I am really looking forward to learning SUP surfing and maybe even tow surfing over the coming months (for the book of course) and I'm booked in to learn to sail in April in Poole Harbour. This weekend, with the big tides that come with the vernal equinox, I am heading upcountry to photograph some friends surfing the Severn bore. Now that is exciting.

We're also waiting to find out if a second series of One Man and his Campervan is on the cards. I hope so because I had such a great time making the first series. You'll be the first to know.

Magic scone anyone?


  1. I wish you the best in getting a second series! I really enjoyed the first one! I do wonder how many people really watched it. I am from the states and downloaded it. :) But I live in a RV, so I really enjoy the lifestyle anyway.

  2. When do you think you'll have the new book finished Martin? and if you do get a new series, you should think about France as that's where we will be heading for most of August with the kids in our Camper.

  3. Can I have jam and clotted cream on mine!
    I could have fixed your clutch for you Martin. I always carry tools with me. And know the air cooled Vee Dubs well enough. ;¬) Have you ever seen and 'Engine out, on the floor, back in and driveable' race? Last I heard the record was just over 2 minutes.

  4. I found your blog (and website) via Howies. Really interesting stuff, just sorry I missed the telly programme

  5. Love your blog, come check out my blog? :)

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