Good news, bad news. And the adventure goes on.

I heard from BBC2 today. Sadly they are not going to commission a second series of 'One Man and His Campervan'. It is upsetting as I was really hoping that the show would take off and that I'd get to head off on another adventure. I have been contacted by so many people asking about series 2, and had such a positive reaction to the show that I'd thought it was a strong possibility. Still, the show didn't do too badly, with 1.95 million viewers for the final episode. That's more than Frank Skinner's Opinionated (1.75) this week. Anyway, it's disappointing but that's the way it goes. And who knows what else might be around the corner for me and my van.

Of course the experience of doing the show in the first place was unbelievable so I'm not complaining. It was a wonderful thing to do and it's taught me that there's so much more to the UK than quite good surfing beaches (and not so good surfing beaches).

So that's the bad news. Now for the good. I am working on a second book at the moment which has been keeping me busy. With more easy two ring recipes and more lifestyle stuff it's my guide to the UK coast. So I'm heading off in the van to see if I can find out which is the best ice cream, where the best lighthouses are, where you can see great coastal art and how to keep warm in your camper in the winter. So it's more camping, more food, more adventure.

I'm off to Wales and Ireland next week to meet up with forager and a lady who cooks with seaweed, to take a dip in the famous seaweed baths in Sligo and to take a swim in one of Kate Rew's favourite swimming holes (from her book Wild Swim). Then I'm going to drive what is supposed to be one of the world's best driving routes, along the causeway coast.

Along the way I'll be cooking recipes from the new book and photographing them. I am also hoping to perfect the exhaust pipe oven, which sounds scary but isn't. So far all I've managed to do is warm a sausage so there's a way to go with that one.

I'll be blogging as I go so keep an eye out for videos and shots from the trip here or at

In the meantime, here's a shot I took this week to go with a piece in the new book about summer stargazing.


  1. I'm gutted they are not making a second series - my whole family totally enjoyed all your shows!

  2. You won't have to go too far from home to find the best ice cream ;-)

  3. Aww shame they are not making another series, my 22 month old loved the whole series :) Looking forward to your new book being finished so I can buy it hehe

  4. I got really into the whole series and was sad when it ended. It annoys me to learn they are not going to make another series when I look at some of the rubbish that continues to be shown on our screens on a regular basis.

    Anyway, good luck with the second book and I look forward to reading it, along with the updates on here

  5. well we could never charge the bbc with making the rite decision so nothing changed there lol.

    The series was great martin maybe one of the other channels will pick up on 2 million viewers
    and remember be nice to your clutch

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  7. Sorry to hear about the second series, but maybe another TV company will pick up the gauntlet. If you're looking for lighthouses try St Anthony's near St Mawes in Cornwall. (Where Fraggles Rock was based).. Good luck with the new book and keep posting.. :-))

  8. The BeeB may come around, you never know.
    It seems disappointing, but we are left with a real jem of a series. Of which we will enjoy endless repeats on Dave, or wherever and whenever they crop up! And your good self is 'forced' to drive and surf and cook and eat even more intensively than before. :¬D
    Intensive eating! Now there's a phrase!

  9. Such a shame, I got your first book for Christmas and when I saw the show on TV was so excited, learnt so much about the lifestyle just need a camper now, so I can start living it.

  10. So disappointed to hear there won't be a second series. One Man and His Campervan was great! A refreshing change from everything else on tv. I loved it!
    No matter...things will work out for the best Martin. Good luck with the trip. Keep us all posted with your progress!
    Can't wait for the second book...!

  11. well, best of luck in the next endeavor...

  12. That's a real shame! Maybe you could produce a similar show yourself as an Internet only video podcast (I'm sure some of the camping equipment suppliers would be interested in sponsorship). That's how Robert Llewellen started CarPool and it was soon picked up by Dave.

    Actually, the more I think about this, the more I think it's a great idea. Forget everything I just said, maybe I'll do it myself...

  13. Shame that there will be no second series but why not do what this guy has done and load up videos for us to watch

  14. That's such a shame it was a great series which the whole family could enjoy. My 5 year old loves watching the episodes I still have on the cable box. Is there any chance of it being brought out on DVD?

  15. I feel a 'what's wrong with the world' rant coming on! Seriously, with all the absolute rubbish on the box these days, you'd think the twits in TV land would recognise a little gem of a programme and give us more. I loved it and recommended it to several friends. Still, with another book under your belt, who knows what the future holds - please don't give up!


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