Coals to Newcastle? Chorizo to Spain!

Anyone who has ever seen one of my food demos will know that I like to bang on about a select few ingredients that fit perfectly with the campervan lifestyle. Firstly, I love to talk about and cook mackerel. That's becuse they are delicious, good for you, sustainable and all I can ever catch when I go fishing. Secondly, I talk about and cook mussels because they are the food that got me into foraging in the first place and are easy to cook. I have cooked them more than anything else in my cooking 'career' and have yet to kill anyone (to my knowledge) with them - so I remain bouyed by their 100% success rate so far.
The third ingredient I use a lot in the van - and at home - is chorizo. It's extremely versatile, can be cooked in all kinds of dishes (including those with mackerel and mussels) and is a camper van staple. That's because it can be stored for ages without spoiling. You can save it for those unfortunate food doldrums that strike from time to time when there's not much left and everyone is starving. The answer? Whip out your sausage from the back of the cupboard and all will be well. Some pasta, a tub of creme fraiche and a stick of chorizo is all you'll need for a tasty , if basic, tea when all else fails.
In case you didn't know, chorizo is a spicy Spanish that's made with pork and spiced with smoked paprika. It's simple stuff but I love it. Thanks to Chris at Paganum Produce we'll be taking some of his gorgeous smoked Yorkshire Chorizo with us on our travels to Spain this summer. I cooked with it on my UK tour during the filming of One Man and His Campervan and have used it plenty of times since as it's available online.
So we'll be taking coals to Newcastle, so what? I am sure it'll stand up to the competition.
We'll soon find out anyway.


  1. Yorkshire and Chorizo..Hmmm that ticks the box on all levels....Any Rea Eggs??

  2. Agree with Chorizo, we always have it. The Mackerel Pate with cream cheese is a regular now as well ( kids love great tip ) My 4 yr old loves spicy Chorizo, which has always surprised us, her being so young and the Chorizo so spicy!...Bish


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