The Indoor Olympics - reliving the glory days of 2010.

It all began with this shot of me doing the Indoor Luge, idly posted to Facebook in February 2010. 
The weather, in case anyone doesn't remember, was appalling during the Winter Olympics of 2010. So we were housebound for a lot of it. That led to idle hands amusing themselves in idle ways - and the creation of the Indoor Olympics. The first picture was posted as the luge but it was pointed out to me that it was, in fact the skeleton bob. So I corrected the shot. And it all kind of went from there....
Skeleton bob, not the luge.

The luge, with Bob.

Maggie attempts a tricky Ski Jump. Without the use of skis. 

The Curling was one of our favourite events at the Indoor Olympics

Four Man Bob, without Bob.

Another favourite, Speed Skating.

You want to watch out for those Ice Hockey players. They'll get you.

Bob Sleigh. Not strictly an Olympic event but we had a Bob so why not?

Nice grab air from Charlotte in the snowboard half pipe.

But later she hit problems at the moguls.

And of course, it all ended in a glittering finish. Everyone wins at the Indoor Olympics.


  1. These are just hilarious! I love speed skating! We occasionally play a version of air hockey with a milk bottle top on the kitchen floor...but you surpass us with your indoor sporting creativity! Top notch, Martin...


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