Call me old fashioned but...

I have been developing curmudgeonly ways. I guess it happens to us all at some point or another. Perhaps sooner for those who choose to pootle about in vintage style transport like many of us merrily do. Are the old ways better? I don’t necessarily think they are, but I do think that we can learn from what went before. And I think we could also sometimes do with a dose of the bleeding obvious too.

So, call me old fashioned but…
  1. Why are many of today’s cars so homogeneous and boring?
  2. Why should loose vegetables cost more than those encased in plastic packaging? Shouldn’t supermarkets be encouraging us to buy products with less packaging?
  3. Why should MPs get a pay rise when no one else is?
  4. Why do some people think it's okay to bag up dog poo but then leave it where it is? Surely, if you are too lazy to pick up it is better to actually leave it? Surely if you are too lazy to pick up you shouldn't have a dog?
  5. Why are shops allowed to sell packaging if there is no local facility to recycle it?
  6. Why is ‘the common good’ no longer a factor in decision making in business or politics?
  7. Why is the manufacturing industry allowed to make products out of plastics that are unrecyclable?
  8. Shopping as a pastime. Why?
  9. Why are shops and offices allowed to keep their window lights on overnight? Why don’t they use rechargeable solar lights?
  10. Why does it cost more to take the train than drive?
  11. Why is the health of our economy measured by how successful the high street is this month?
  12. Why don’t we eat more locally and seasonally?
  13. Why are we making machines to put humans out of work, and therefore, out of a livelihood, when there are so many of us?
  14. Why should water companies be allowed to make huge profits yet still pump out raw sewage every time it rains? That’s rewarding failure isn’t it?
  15. Leaf blowers. Why? What's wrong with a broom?
  16. Why don’t we reuse and refill glass bottles instead of smashing them, melting them down and remaking them every time?
  17. Why is there no levy on single use plastic bottles? If there was, then wouldn’t it create a new economy out of rubbish? Wouldn’t the needy or enterprising be able to gather them from those who are too idle to recycle them and support themselves, as they do in other countries?
  18. Why do we still have no levy on plastic bags in England?
  19. Why can’t I buy my groceries in grease proofed paper?
  20. Why so much plastic?
And finally, why so much whingeing and whining? Well I’m getting to that age when I am allowed to. I’m not bad tempered about it or angry, just unprepared to put up with it any longer without saying my piece. It’s my birthday next week. And I really don’t give a monkey’s.

Call me old fashioned but isn't that the way it should be?


  1. Why do I have to buy a new egg box every time I buy eggs?


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