Going overboard for a few fresh greens

The produce in our fish crate garden is really starting to come on now that the weather's changed. We've got rocket and lettuce already, are on the verge of gathering our first spuds, and not far off frying up the pak choi. It's very satisfying. Not only because we love our garden greens but also because fish crates make such good beds.
All ours have been picked up from the beach near to where we live. They come from all over the place. We even have one from Dunmore East, the place where Jo and I tied the knot. It's in southern Ireland. Others are from Scotland, Cornwall, Norway. All over.
It was Dave and Sam who first turned us on to the idea of collecting these lost receptacles for planting. Not only does it take them out of the marine environment but it also stops them from going to landfill. So instead of going to a hole in the ground or decaying into hundreds of bits of toxic plastic that will continue to float around the planet, they find another use. And if that use can supply us with really tasty, freshly picked, home grown greens, then I'm all for it. They might have travelled hundreds of miles across the oceans to get to us but, now they are here, they have a second chance to be useful. From here to September we'll reduce our shopping bills by a couple of lettuces, some rocket and a few spuds a week. It's not much, but it's something.
So, thanks fish crates. We'd rather you stayed on your fishing boats but if you must go overboard, float your way to our beach. We'll keep you busy. Just don't let on to the fisherman's co-op.


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