Thanking our lucky stars. One amazing journey.

Today, of all days, is very special indeed. Today is the day when my dreams come true. My book, The Camper van Cookbook, hits the shelves of bookshops all around the UK. In many ways I still can't belive that the book I had inside me could be made into a real book. But there it is, with pages and pictures and a cover and an index. And look, there's a box of them in the corner!

It's been an amazing year. Last May I began talking about bringing this book to life with my publisher. But I still refused to belive it could happen. Then I raced around the UK in my van taking pictures, coming up with ideas, making it happen. And it has. We camped in Mart's garden. We sheltered behind Dave and Sam's house in a storm. We chugged Bolly at Solfest. We talked campers at Dubs on The beach. We blagged a good spot at Dart Valley Park. We kipped in a holding site in Blackpool. We ate corn chowder in a storm on the seafront in Maryport. We cooked a chilli for a contest in Bude. We ate our way through a pile of delicious recipes. We made sunshades and kites and sundials and hammocks. And we had an absolute blast.

What could possibly top that? Today, maybe. It's the day when we show it to the world. And we hope they like it. So far the reation has been great. Somehow we're right there, in the moment. The timing could well be perfect.

The BBC seem to think so, which is why next week I set off on an amazing journey around the Uk to find out a whole lot more about our beloved country. We'll be shooting 10 half hour episodes for BBC2 starting with North Devon. I'll meet foragers, fishermen, producers, growers, artisans and cooks. And I'll learn something from every single one of them. The surf's looking good too.

I can't wait.


  1. Hi,

    I'd love to get a copy of the Camper Van Cookbook in ePub format (I have a Sony reader, which doesn't read Kindle format), but can't find it anywhere. Is anyone selling it in this format?

    Thanks :)


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